Tips to write good code while keeping a good pace

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Clean code? What does that even mean? Should I care as long as the code is working? The client won’t even see it 😏. How clean is really clean code?🤔

“I like my code to be elegant and efficient. The logic should be straightforward to make it hard for bugs to hide, the dependencies minimal to ease maintenance, error handling complete according to an articulated strategy, and performance close to optimal so as not to tempt people to make the code messy with unprincipled optimizations. Clean code does one thing well.”

-Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++

This definition can be…

My journey to software development, my mistakes, my challenges, and my joy.

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut 🚀. Growing up, I realize it might not be a fun career as I imagined from watching those cartoons. I always found science and technology fascinating. As a young kid, I used to tear my electronic toys apart just to have the chance to see the inside which always fascinated me, that’s how far my curiosity went. I would scavenge motors, LEDs from broken appliances so I can build stuff with them, I once build a boat using foam and a motor. …

Jephte Colin

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